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sounds of our town

hosted by Jumping Fences


Welcome to the homepage of Foco Nuevo, the regular performance space for Jumping Fences, where we hold concerts on the First Friday of every month.

Our home base is Kurilpa Hall at 174 Boundary Street West End.

7th June, 2019

Doors open 7.00 pm. Concert starts 7.30 pm.

Warm yourself as winter begins with a night of great music. Our guest musicians this month are Gary Shepherd and Gone Molly.

Don't miss it — you'll regret it!

Gary Shepherd is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and banjoist who has performed as a soloist at festivals and in pubs and clubs up and down the east coast over decades.

Known for his intricate guitar playing and humorous onstage banter, Gary covers musical styles, ranging across country, folk, blues and jazz songs to instrumental pieces; interspersing musical numbers with stories and anecdotes about the music, the places, and the people who’ve written the songs or lived the words.

Gone Molly: With their eponymous debut album winning three titles in the Australian Celtic Music Awards 2018, Gone Molly are truly unique folk storytellers. Breathing life into colourful characters and tales imagined or discovered, ‘The Mollies’ whisper and roar through the grimy streets of London, over ghostly battlefields and down into the faerie dells of Anglo-Celtic history. Delivered with a joyful energy and a hint of the theatrical, their live performances are not to be missed! [โปรโมชั่น gclub 100%]

Jumping Fences play a unique fusion of Latin American and original songs, creating a sensitive insight into the daily struggles of people. The song-writing partnership of Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse, together with James Harper and Ross Gwyther play arrangements that move easily between tenderness and energy, supporting lyrics that weave a rich fabric from the poetry of everyday life. [website]

Entry is $10 and $7 (concession)

Cakes, savouries, tea and coffee available.


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